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I offer free consultations to help improve your Health & Wellness, Athletic Performance, Beauty Regime, and the health of your Children and your Pets. Supplying NVJ Quality Products and working with a consulting team of Doctors and Pharmacists.

I stock verifiably the best quality items at excellent prices. Please click the “Shop” link on the menu to browse the shop or scroll down for more information.

Mr Greenvale and Vale of Green Health Enterprises bring you the best cannabinoid based health and wellness products for the entire family. Have a look around, and contact us to organise your consultation or with any questions. Our pricing is straightforward, there’s no loss-leaders and no rip-offs. If it costs more, it does more. As we have over 100 products this website only showcases a small number of them. You may download the complete product list with pricing or go straight to the shop here.

Quality First

We stand confidently behind our research, our products, and our people.

NVJ uses certified CBD

NVJ Quality Products use only certified CBD isolate and other ingredients to achieve maximum health benefits for the body and mind.

Always Mindful

We are compassionate and strive to leave people better than how we found them.

What do Cannabinoids do? – they rebalance everything

Michael Vipperman has written up the best explanation of what cannabinoid compounds do in your body that I have ever read. You may read it by clicking here.

A healthy outside starts from the inside.

Need help in choosing the right products for you?

I empathise it may be difficult to know where to start because everyone is different and we all may be looking for a slightly different relief or solution. It really is best to contact me to discuss what it is you need to achieve and therefore which products will be most suitable.

I have written up good ideas sheet mostly for beating cancer but it can be used by anyone to improve health. Please click here to download it.



“NVJ have made me a believer in the product. From my first contact, they gave me an in depth background on the product and personal advice. Every question I asked was answered in detail with so much compassion and professionally. Amazing products and service, 10 out of 10”


“I have worked with many top beauty brands and the La Luna range has really worked so well. My hands stay smooth and soft even after washing my hands more than 30 times and my skin damage has completely disappeared after 3 weeks of use. The body butter keeps my skin smooth for 2 days and helps with stretch marks and uneven colouring.”


“My overall skin condition is in better condition then what it was before using the body butter.  I can honestly say NVJ and the CBD Oil and CBD products have absolutely changed my life and many I personally know as well. I’ll recommend them to anyone! Choose CBD Oil over pill poison!!!”


“The La Luna Face Wash and Face and Neck Cream have been amazing!!! It helped with my pimples and has started making my skin look more even and smooth. After a month of using La Luna my skin has never glowed this much and feels so soft. I would recommend the Face Wash to anyone who wants a natural alternative! NVJ’s CBD products are unique and work so well!”


The products worked very well and I recommend it to anyone who suffers from anxiety or severe stress. It’s also affordable compared to most other CBD oils on the market today. They are very well versed on all the products and it’s offering to help support and improve your life or ailment


“Great products. I have used many products and must say that they are a cut above the rest. A lot of success stories from friends that I have introduced to NVJ. They go above and beyond. I use CBD Oil and Muscle Cooling Gel for pain; brilliant products. Thank you for your help always.“


“I have Tonic-Clonic (Grand Mal) Epilepsy and now that I’m using only NVJ CBD Oil for this condition I haven’t had a seizure since I began taking the oil. (It’s been 2 years, now 2022). I also don’t feel as tired as I used to. Apart from my regular daily intake, if I feel a seizure coming on I boost with 5-10 drops of CBD Oil and then I lay down for a bit. When I do this I don’t get any of the before effects or the seizure itself.”


“I use NVJ products all the time. CBD Oil taken daily to stay healthy and extras as needed. When I did a half marathon trail run with 16km follow-up the next day I was really worried about it as I was under-trained. At the start of day 1 I slathered my feet and legs in CBD Cream and the pain was a lot less than I expected, especially for day 2. I completed the event successfully.

Certified and Tested Ingredients

We ensure that all ingredients are 100% compliant to international standards and are tested locally to ensure quality measures and comparisons are met for customer safety and product quality. All Isolates used in NVJ Quality Products are ISO, GMP, BRCGS, U, Halaal and Kosher certified.

Certificates achieved by NVJ
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